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Shooting clinic

The Academy of Hoops is providing an opportunity for boys and girls from ages 9 to16 to improve basketball shooting skills.


Points of emphasis

  • Create your own shot

  • Improve decision making

  • Identifying a good shot

  • Improve shooting form


All sessions will require FOCUS, DISCIPLINE AND ATTITUDE and will be enforced at ALL TIMES.


Times: Saturday's 9:00-10:30am



  • $25 per serssion/per athlete ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED


Ages: At least 9 but less than 16


Gender: Male & Female

Location: Conshohocken Community Center @

                 The Fellowship House

                 515 Harry St. Conshohocken, Pa

2016 OUTDOOR SUMMER league

The Outdoor Summer League is for players ages 10-14 years old. Every team will have the opportunity to compete against other teams within the surrounding area.


Coaches don't miss your opportunity to keep your team competition ready for the upcoing season!



  • Boys 10-12 & 13-14




  • Game Dates: from June 27-August 10, 2016 

  • Playoff Dates:  August 15 - Aug 24, 2016



  • Monday's & Wednesdays

Rain Days: 

  • Saturday's & Sunday's



  • Check you team schedule


Participation Requirements:

  • Birth Certificates required with registration

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