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Referees are NOT the Enemy

Ask yourself, when was the last time you have been to a basketball game and the officiating was perfect? Now ask yourself, when has and official ever changed a call after you yelled at him? Everyone would benefit much more if we as coaches and supporters focused more on the game play and the experience our child is gaining throughout the event, rather than concentrating on the uncontrollable. News flash, parents, coaches and other spectators -- it is all just a waste of energy and emotions.

Are referees frustrating at times, DEFINITELY. Does it seem as if they are cheating for one team or even a certain player at times? WITHOUT A DOUBT. Even though it's hard to believe, referees do not care who wins. If we think about youth sports and what the ultimate goal should be, we as adults should be allies and not adversaries. Games are a perfect platform to teach our kids to enjoy their opportunities and how to deal with adversity, while trying to accomplish a goal. Referees, coaches, parents and all other adults in attendance should promote one another in order to bring out the best in our children

If we want our kids to perform and play at a higher level we have to show them how to stay mentally sharp and how to conduct themselves when things are not going well.

Guess what adults? Referees and some bad calls are always going to be a part of the sport, so we have to learn how to deal with it and teach our future stars the same. Lastly, the better our young athletes become the more attention he or she will receive. We can't let our emotions interfere with the development of our young players. Let's continue to help them understand the big picture by being a positive support system.

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