The Academy of Hoops was founded by Philadelphia's 76ers Player Development Coach, former 8-year NBA Pro and Villanova Hall of Famer Alvin Williams, to provide student-athletes with an environment to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge of the basketball industry, and prepare them for opportunities within the sport. The Academy and its faculty are committed to providing student athletes with an intimate learning environment and to enhance overall player performance both on and off the court by embracing a “back-to-basics” approach to player development.  The objectives of the Academy of Hoops are to:


  • Maintain a youth-centered approach to player development

  • Assess individual player skills and develop a plan for skill

  • Ensure that players possess basic skills and fundamental knowledge of the game

  • Enhance player preparation, work ethic and sportsmanship

  • Educate student athletes and their parents/caregivers on the business of basketball

  • Support coaches and programs on all-levels in their efforts to enhance player performance


Founded by Alvin Williams,

10-year NBA player, Villanova Hall of Famer and Player Development Coach for Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers

For more information on basketball  development and education activities for players and coaches contact scramer@theacademyofhoops.com or 484-535-3055

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